What a Monday...

We had lousy weather on Monday. It started as snow, then turned to freezing rain, then just rain. Mac headed to Albany, Georgia yesterday. I honestly don't mind the time alone, as it's nice to not have to compromise on what we watch on TV, and it's nice to not have any pressure to cook dinner. I will admit that often, when he is out of town, dinner for me consists of cereal, a grilled cheese, or cookies and milk.

However, the day he leaves is always the tough part for me. I don't know if it's watching him say goodbye to the dogs, or dropping him off at the airport, but whatever it is, the day he leaves is the tough part.

It's a short trip--he'll be back on Thursday, so it's not like I won't see him for weeks. I'll see him in just a few days. Yesterday's weather didn't help things though, since it was extra dreary already!

The good news is that I'll have Geno snuggling with me while Mac is gone, as the typical dog routine is that Geno takes our bed to protect me and guard the inside perimeter while Cobaka takes the sofa to guard the outside perimeter, at least initially. Geno takes his job very seriously. He refuses to sprawl out any way where his head won't be facing the door!

I did find it rather funny that Geno started out on the bed with me, then around 3 AM, he hopped down, Cobaka walked in and hopped up, and then about 5:15, they swapped again! It's like they feel like they have to take turns on the bed.

I did have a nice girls night with friends. We had antelope and mule deer taco salad, and lots of conversation. It was nice to have a distraction last night.

Tiff is headed over tonight, to help me start going through boxes in the attic. Some of the boxes have been there, untouched, since we moved into the house, while others have been carried up there while cleaning different times. I'm figuring that if we go through it a few boxes at a time, we'll get through it eventually, and won't have to move everything when we do move!


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