Domestic Goddess Dislikes

Mac and I don't have human kids, just two furry, four-legged kids that don't speak English, but other than that, I guess you could say I'm the type that thinks women can work full-time and still be domestic goddesses too! Before Mac and I were married, I took pride in being able to work full-time, cook dinner most nights, and keep a house that wasn't a disaster area. However, I've never been a fan of doing laundry, so the house that wasn't a disaster area usually included a perpetual pile of laundry.

When I was in college, I used to have a male friend who had a washer and dryer in his apartment. I'd usually head to his place to do laundry, although, I seem to remember at least a few occasions, where he'd either just do my laundry, in exchange for dinner, or would at least take care of folding my laundry. Those were the days!!! I really dislike the folding/putting away clean clothes aspect of laundry. I don't mind the sorting, washing, or drying, but I really dislike the folding and putting away of clean clothes.

There's not a great way to deal with that, other than to just suck it up and do it, but my general attitude has been to only do laundry when I really need to.

We just upgraded to a flat panel TV in the living room, so we opted to switch to HD service. DirecTV was supposed to be here on Saturday to swap out dishes and receivers. They didn't show and didn't call to cancel, but I suppose I should be used to that. :)

Since they were supposed to be here, Mac and I engaged on a mad cleaning spree on Saturday morning. We cleaned the living room and our bedroom. Cleaning the bedroom meant that the laundry that was there moved to the bathroom, and combined with the laundry there, meant a huge mountain of laundry.

So, since Saturday morning, I've been doing laundry, purging drawers and closets, etc. I have a garbage bag filled with donations for Goodwill and another garbage bag filled with donations for Dress for Success. We're finally down to probably another 2 or 3 loads of laundry, and then we need to tackle all of the dry cleaning.

This is perfect in regards to timing, as I now have a committee of inquiry for Amaranth that is meeting me at the house on the 13th. Yikes! So, I need the house to be spotless!


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