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Fall Beach Vacation Rental Special Lincoln City, Oregon

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Oregon Beach Vacation Rentals. All opinions are 100% mine.Looking to take a break from work and spend some time relaxing at the beach? Why not spend some time along Oregon's gorgeous coast? Consider Lincoln City! If you're like me, when you go to the beach, you want more than a hotel room. I like being able to cook meals and have some space in which to relax. This is where Oregon vacation beach rentals by A1 Beach Rentals enters the picture. They have some amazing deals for the fall. If you book 2 nights, you get a 3rd night for free in November. This also applies to weekdays during October. That's like saving 1/3 on the cost of your lodging! Who doesn't like saving money?It's not too late to book one last vacation for 2014, and you can take advantage of some great rates and deals, while enjoying a gorgeous fall season along the Oregon coast!Check it out! beach vacation rentals oregonoregon beach rentals

Pampered Chef Freezer Cooking Workshop Review

I'm always looking for ways to pick up a little extra spending or saving money, so as of this week, I've become a Pampered Chef consultant. If you want to order anything from Pampered Chef, please drop me an email through the contact form, and I'll let you know how to place your order.

Before I decided to do this, I participated in a Pampered Chef Freezer Cooking Workshop at a friend's house. I figured it would give me some meal options that I wouldn't have through Dream Dinners, as Mac and I usually order duplicates of some of the Dream Dinners meals.

The concept of the Pampered Chef Freezer Cooking Workshop is similar to Dream Dinners, but it is designed to give the consultant some sales, and give everyone who attends a chance to try out some of the Pampered Chef products. The consultant gives you a total for the Pampered Chef Pantry items you'll need to order, and then she handles placing the order. She then also sends you an email listing all of the ingredi…

Chap Stick Hydration Lock Review

I received a free product for the purpose of my review. Opinions are 100% my own.
I joined Smiley360 a few months ago, and recently just received my first product to try for a "mission." I received a tube of Chap Stick Hydration Lock. They have two varieties, and I received the Moisturize and Renew variety.

I started using it as soon as I received it, and it stays on my desk at work, so any time I feel my lips getting dry, I can slather it on and not worry! I've been using the moisturize side far more than the renew side, although I do try to use the renew side at least once a day.

Both sides have a very pleasant, almost tropical scent, and both apply very smoothly, with no hesitation. Both sides leave a nice, shiny coating, but it's not super-glossy, which is nice. It's not sticky either, so I don't feel like my lips are glued together.

I did notice that if I go a few days without using it, my lips start to get chapped and crack, so this is a must use!

My on…