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Secret Clinical Strength Review

Disclaimer: I received free samples of Secret Clinical Strength to review, but I was provided with no compensation for this review. All opinions are mine.I hosted a House Party for new Secret Clinical Strength, and as part of that, tried the gel version. I've not yet tried the solid version, although I have a sample of that as well. I was prepared to hate this. I've never had much luck with Secret products, and I figured this was going to be similar. I expected it to not work well.I was wrong!!! I LOVE this! It is amazing, and it is supposed to work for up to 48 hours. I shower every day, so I've not tried it for 48 hours, but for 24, it keeps me dry and odor-free. I will definitely buy this when it hits the market in January 2014! It has a pleasant scent, isn't sticky, like a lot of gels are, and is great!