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Mauser: I Am, Therefore I Am

Mauser joined our family at the age of 10, after being found tied to a fence at the corner of Jackson and Grand Streets in Manhattan. At New York Animal Care and Control, he developed kennel cough, and he was scheduled to be euthanized. A volunteer described him as “He is a little opinionated, like barking back when I put him back in his kennel. His upset is short lived though and soon enough, he is kissing me through the bars…Or, when I first pointed my camera at him, he protested than got used to it. He is like my old grandpa but a spunky version of him.”

An urgent plea on Facebook found its way to us, and an hour before he was to be killed, we reserved him. His adoption built and strengthened friendships and bonds, before he even left the shelter. He came home from Manhattan on September 20, 2014, and immediately found his place in our pack. He lived his life with us showing his spunky side.

Once he felt better, his spunkiness really manifested itself, as did his lo…

On Living and Dying

For the last few weeks, Mauser hasn't been doing well. He's had an intestinal bacterial infection that the vet likened to colic in babies. His arthritis has been getting worse, and on Monday, his front legs gave out, and he fell down the outside steps.

He's 11, and for a few days, I wasn't sure he'd give me my wish: to give us at least one good year. But, he rallied late during the week of his adoption day (September 20), and until this last Monday afternoon, it seemed like he might give us far more than a year.

Watching him is more than tough. I cry before work, I cry at night before bed, I tell him goodbye and that I love him every time I leave or go to bed.

I knew when we adopted a 10-year old dog with arthritis that it would be tough at some point. I just didn't think it would be this tough.

He had been eating chicken and pasta three times a day, and was still spunky enough to spit out the pasta when he only wanted chicken. So, we fed him what he wante…

I *Was* a Lifelong Steelers Fan...

I hope Michael Vick is worth it to the Pittsburgh Steelers, I really do. Signing him has upset a lot of fans, a lot of rescues, and has a lot of people trying to justify how he's "turned his life around," or "done his time."

I've been a lifelong Steelers fan. I'm 37, and some of my earliest memories are watching games with my father and going to training camp every year, as a Daddy-Daughter day. I remember the One for the Thumb t-shirt that was huge on me, as a child, but that I proudly wore. Steelers football days were Daddy-Daughter days, and the Steelers were always something that my father and I could discuss, a tie to bind even as I was looking to find my own way. One year, on Christmas Eve, when I was maybe 8, my father slipped on ice and broke his leg. A few days later, I remember watching a Steelers game with him sitting in his recliner, me on the couch. They started showing a replay of the Immaculate Reception, and as Franco Harris somehow foun…

Ongoing Saga of Sinus Issues

I've posted before about my sinus issues, and after fighting a sinus infection for February and March, my primary care doctor suggested I see an ENT. I've seen several ENTs, and only one of them suggested surgery. The others said that surgery probably wouldn't help. They suggested allergy tests, I've had those, they don't show anything that would really minimize sinus infections if treated with shots. Off I went to the ENT this morning, anticipating being told that I needed to have a CT scan, being told to use Flonase or something similar, etc. Instead, I was told that the sinus pain may be from TMJ, or from septal spurs, or a combination of both. I have nasal spray to use when I have a sinus headache, to see if the spurs are the cause, and I'm to use a night guard and take muscle relaxants for a week to see if that helps. I'm intrigued, and am hoping this solves it. Now, I don't think it'll solve the sinus infections, but if it helps with the p…

New Job, Crazy Life, Crazy Dogs, Helping Mended Hearts Rescue

Wow, it's been ages since I took time to write! I started a new job a few months ago. It's at another engineering firm, but it's only a few minutes from Mac's job, so that will be nice when we find a new house. It has changed where we are house-hunting a bit. I'm still selling Pampered Chef on the side, and if anyone wants to place an order for anything, I have a fundraiser for Mended Hearts Rescue right now. The link for that is:;jsessionid=C5723B2FD4543152EE0CE5B6A7DEA0BB Mauser is getting along quite nicely with the rest of the pack. Geno gets very possessive of me, but it's usually more that he'll insist on pushing his way in and climbing onto me if Mauser is nearby. Mauser has a good amount of energy for a 10-year-old dog, although in the past few days, it's been obvious that his arthritis is acting up, as he's not wanted to do much but hold down the furniture. He's com…

Kapotas Wallets, Not Just for Minimalists!

This post brought to you by Kapotas Designs. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Random Thoughts.I'm always looking for new wallets, probably because I overfill mine with cards I rarely use, and then complain when they fall apart in a few months. Seriously, how many times have I used my California Tortilla loyalty card? The closest location is 40 minutes away, and if you forget your card, they can look up your account by phone number. Most days, I only ever need my debit card, my driver's license, and my concealed carry permit, if all of those. On a good day, I have a few dollars in cash too.This is where Kapotas Designs and their leather, minimalist wallet enters the picture. Handmade, minimalist wallets that attach to the back of a cell phone, or really, any flat surface you'd like. They attach via micro-suction backs, and you can remove/reapply many times, without damage. Get a new phone? Peel it off and stick it to your new phone!Did I mention these ar…

Amour d’Art Fine Art Gallery

This post brought to you by Art Gallery. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Random Thoughts.

I'm always looking for new art, so that when we move, I have an idea of how to decorate. I love looking at the Amour d'Art Fine Art Gallery images on their website--I'm already formulating decorating ideas, and we don't have a new house yet!

We've looked at a few homes with sunrooms, and while it's not a must, I'd love to have sunroom, especially during the winter, so I can curl up there on weekends to read and relax. I love the James Coleman Art collection they have. I would love some of the Tropical Series images, especially if we have a sunroom at the new house!

I also quite enjoy the Artist Sam Park and the work Amour d'Art has. Those images really transport you to the location. Depending on the style of the house, these might tie in really well too! Decisions, decisions!

If landscapes aren't your thing, then consider Pino Art, which is…

#52Snapshots (of Life)

Since I'm trying new things this year, I figured I'd participate in the 52 Snapshots of Life project at The Lazy Pit Bull. Every week has a different theme, and you post a photo of that week's theme. This week's theme is "new."

My photo for this week isn't a "new" photo, but since Mauser is "new" in our lives, I figured this is his chance to shine! The photo is his "adoption" photo--we'd just walked him outside of the NY AC&C Manhattan shelter.