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Still Another Yahoo Article...

This one for those last-minute graduation gifts!

Yet Another Yahoo Article

This one on not having kids!

Lancaster Farming Article/PA Beef Council Farm Tour

I was mentioned in an article in Lancaster Farming!!!

May--National Beef Month

I’m venturing out on my first Central PA Bloggers event in mid-May, and I’m quite excited. In honor of National Beef Month, which happens to be May, we’ll be visiting a local farm, feedlot, and retail market. We’ll also have lunch with the Agriculture Secretary and a panel discussion with those in the business of raising cattle for food.
We eat a fair amount of beef, so I’m interested in really learning how beef goes from standing in a farm field to our table! We hunt, so I know how a deer ends up on our table from the woods, but that’s a little different. We can’t control what a deer eats, nor can we control how old it is when harvested, etc. We can’t control the temperature at which the meat is kept during processing, nor before it reaches our house, whereas I would guess much of that is controlled with beef. Obviously, they can’t control how the beef is handled once it leaves the store, but controlling most aspects of its handling prior to that would make sense.
I’m assuming that …