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My Geno

I just submitted a request for my first PTO day with my new company. Geno is having surgery on March 20 to remove two warts from his right eyelid. They don't seem to trouble him, except that one of them is blocking a gland in his eyelid, and that's causing his eyelid to swell and be irritated. After treating it with an ointment for a few weeks, the swelling returned, so we went back to the vet. She scheduled the surgery, and drew blood, just to be sure everything is fine, and she says it is, so she thinks he'll do well with the surgery.

Mac will be home with him on the 21st, and I'll spend much of the 20th cleaning and cooking to use my nervous energy. I'll worry until I pick him up at the vet's, and then once I pick him up, depending on how loopy he is, he can probably convince me to stop and pick up ice cream or a cheeseburger for him!

His adoption day, well, not really his adoption day, since we didn't adopt him initially, but his welcome home day is Mar…

Nature's Recipe Pure Essentials Dog Food Sample

Earlier in the year, I'd entered a contest to try Nature's Recipe Pure Essentials Dog Food. I figured that the kibblers might enjoy it, and it would be a nice way to try a new dog food. I received an email a week or two ago, indicating that we'd been selected to try it. I figured we'd receive a sample-size bag or two--just enough for one or two meals for each dog. As I pulled into our driveway this afternoon, I noticed a large blue box on our porch, and thought it a bit odd, as I wasn't expecting a package!

Once I reached the porch, I noticed the Nature's Recipe on the box, and realized that it was the food, except that it was more than just a dog food sample. Rather, it included a 4-pound bag of dog food and a bag of dental chews. I still find a 4-pound bag an odd size, but as this is grain-free, it's common to have a 4-pound bag, a 14-pound bag, and a 24-pound bag or similar sizes.

I figured the dogs could use a dental chew, so they each tried one shortl…

Snow Day!!!

We currently have about 14 inches of snow since last night, and we are expecting another 3-5 according to the latest weather report. Mac knew by 4 PM yesterday that he'd be home today. My employer first sent an email at 6:15 reporting that we'd have a 2 hour delay, and then at 7:45 sent an email telling everyone to stay home.

I've been up since about 7:30, and Mac and I enjoyed a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and coffee, after the dogs enjoyed a frolic outside. Well, Cobaka enjoyed a frolic outside, while Geno ran out, took care of business, and immediately high-tailed it back to the porch. Not a surprise, as Geno loves snuggling in blankets while Cobaka loves colder spots in the house!

Around noon, I started working on the Hatch Valley Green Chili with Chicken that's our dinner tonight. I chopped up the chicken and tossed it in the crock pot with the chili starter. We're just having grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for lunch. It's perfect winter weather comfor…