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Mauser: I Am, Therefore I Am

Mauser joined our family at the age of 10, after being found tied to a fence at the corner of Jackson and Grand Streets in Manhattan. At New York Animal Care and Control, he developed kennel cough, and he was scheduled to be euthanized. A volunteer described him as “He is a little opinionated, like barking back when I put him back in his kennel. His upset is short lived though and soon enough, he is kissing me through the bars…Or, when I first pointed my camera at him, he protested than got used to it. He is like my old grandpa but a spunky version of him.”

An urgent plea on Facebook found its way to us, and an hour before he was to be killed, we reserved him. His adoption built and strengthened friendships and bonds, before he even left the shelter. He came home from Manhattan on September 20, 2014, and immediately found his place in our pack. He lived his life with us showing his spunky side.

Once he felt better, his spunkiness really manifested itself, as did his lo…

On Living and Dying

For the last few weeks, Mauser hasn't been doing well. He's had an intestinal bacterial infection that the vet likened to colic in babies. His arthritis has been getting worse, and on Monday, his front legs gave out, and he fell down the outside steps.

He's 11, and for a few days, I wasn't sure he'd give me my wish: to give us at least one good year. But, he rallied late during the week of his adoption day (September 20), and until this last Monday afternoon, it seemed like he might give us far more than a year.

Watching him is more than tough. I cry before work, I cry at night before bed, I tell him goodbye and that I love him every time I leave or go to bed.

I knew when we adopted a 10-year old dog with arthritis that it would be tough at some point. I just didn't think it would be this tough.

He had been eating chicken and pasta three times a day, and was still spunky enough to spit out the pasta when he only wanted chicken. So, we fed him what he wante…