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A Great Man and Husband

I know I don’t spend enough time praising Mac, or thanking him, as in the day-to-day efforts of being DINKS, maintaining the house, taking care of the dogs, and doing rescue transports, things like saying thank you often fall to the wayside.
I try to always thank him, but I know I can do better. Likewise, I know far too often, I don’t sing his praises! 
He starts his workday before I start mine, as he works four, ten-hour days, yet since we’ve been married, I’ll wake up with him, and I’ll take care of getting coffee ready and packing his lunch. I’m a light sleeper, so it’s not a huge issue that I take care of the coffee and his lunch. I feel like I’m sending him off with a solid meal and his daily coffee, and I know he appreciates it.
He routinely thanks me, but lately, he’s taken to cleaning out the coffeemaker before bed, rinsing it out, throwing out the old coffee, and placing a new filter into the basket. He never tells me that he took care of it, so it’s always a very nice surpr…

School Stabbing Outside of Pittsburgh (Franklin Regional, Murrysville)

The stabbing at the high school near Pittsburgh hit far too close to home. I grew up 10 minutes from Franklin Regional. I took tennis lessons at Franklin Regional High School's tennis courts. I took the SATs at the high school. I was in the band in high school, and watched/played at football games there. One of my friends from high school was caught for underage drinking at one of those football games. My orthodontist's office was across the street from the high school campus. It's very close to home for me.

Too close, really, as some of my friends who still live in the area have kids who go to school in that district. One of them posted on her facebook page that they found out her daughter's elementary school, which is on the same campus as the high school, was closed right before heading out to get the bus.

I hope and pray that all victims recover with minimal mental and physical scars, and I hope that since the kid who did this is still alive, they can find out why …