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PawTree Dog Food Review

It seems that when one is in direct sales, one has a lot of friends in direct sales. A friend is a consultant for PawTree dog products, so I figured I'd try it. The dogs loved the PawTree beef liver treats, so I thought I'd see how they enjoyed the food. After looking at all of the choices, I selected the X-Large read Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe. It says that it is for all breed sizes, so I figured it would be good for my three large-breed kibblers.

When I ordered the X-Large Real Chicken & Oatmeal Recipe, I expected to receive one bag. My order was delayed, and I never received an update to it until I reached out to my consultant. I finally received a tracking number, with a note that they were going to be out of the office for the weekend, and not much of an apology for the delay.

When my package arrived, it wasn't one large bag, it was three smaller bags. It also included a form letter saying, "Our label printer wasn't working, so we couldn't print th…