A Whirlwind Weekend in LA!

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A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to spend a weekend in Los Angeles. I arrived on Friday morning, and returned home on Sunday evening! Talk about a crazy weekend, and oh, the jet lag!!! I drove the employees at the hotel crazy, because I wanted to know why, at 3 AM, the internet wasn't working! Then, by 7 PM, I was ready for bed!

Even with those issues, I loved my stay! Sunshine, warm weather, gorgeous skies, and gorgeous views!

When I travel, I sometimes have a tough time not having every second of every day planned out in advance. I want to do touristy things, but I also realize that the "locals" know far more about the good places to eat (the ones that stay in business because their food is amazing, not just because the tourists frequent it), the neat sights to see, etc. This is where Justin Sather enters the picture (http://www.justinsather.com) If you need info on what to do, check out his site!

Never having visited Los Angeles before, and being geographically challenged, plus wanting my experience to be unique, it would've been helpful to check the justinsather.com site before my visit so I could pick up a few tips on what to do in my free time!

One of my disappointments was that I not only did not have a chance to see the Los Angeles Dodgers play, but also that I didn't even get to see their ballpark. I love seeing out-of-town ballparks! I'm a baseball fan, so whether we're discussing the AL or NL, I'm always looking to stay up to date on rumors and teams!

I stayed at the Hotel Palomar in Westwood, and loved my stay! The hotel was gorgeous, and the employees were amazing! That said, I was a bit at a loss for what to do in my limited free time--a few hours here and there, so I couldn't stray too far from the hotel. I do wish Justin Sather's site was around then, as I'd have been able to find anything from food trucks to other things to do.

Yes, even when staying somewhere with amazing food like the Hotel Palomar, I love visiting food trucks! Cheap, amazingly delicious food, and eating outside... What can't you love about that? I'll give you that food trucks aren't everyone's style, even though I sometimes crave them! If you find yourself in Los Angeles, and looking for food, check out Los Angeles Food Reviews from Justin Sather.

If you decide to plan a trip to Los Angeles, be it in the baseball off-season, or in the midst of a playoff race, check out JustinSather.com or http://www.justinsather.com for tips and tricks on what to do in Los Angeles, or where to eat! After all, food is life!

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