Dream Dinners Review--Bruschetta Chicken

Tonight's dinner was Dream Dinners Bruschetta Chicken. Mac was hunting this afternoon, and this was a quick meal for once he arrived home. I served it with Caesar salad, asparagus, and garlic bread. It was incredibly easy to prepare, as I simply cooked it in a skillet with some olive oil, then added the sauce, allowed it to simmer, and then served it. This also had the option of slicing the chicken, placing it on skewers, and baking it, but I opted for the quicker version.

It had a very, very nice taste and texture to it. It had a sweeter taste than I thought it would, but that's not bad. It still had a bit of a garlic flavor, but the sweet taste was very enjoyable. I used asparagus that was "steam in bag" but it ended up being overcooked. I joked that it was like Gramma asparagus, because my grandmother, when cooking veggies, would always overcook them.

I would definitely order this meal again, as it was very yummy and also very easy to prepare.

Bruschetta Chicken


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