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Amour d’Art Fine Art Gallery

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I'm always looking for new art, so that when we move, I have an idea of how to decorate. I love looking at the Amour d'Art Fine Art Gallery images on their website--I'm already formulating decorating ideas, and we don't have a new house yet!

We've looked at a few homes with sunrooms, and while it's not a must, I'd love to have sunroom, especially during the winter, so I can curl up there on weekends to read and relax. I love the James Coleman Art collection they have. I would love some of the Tropical Series images, especially if we have a sunroom at the new house!

I also quite enjoy the Artist Sam Park and the work Amour d'Art has. Those images really transport you to the location. Depending on the style of the house, these might tie in really well too! Decisions, decisions!

If landscapes aren't your thing, then consider Pino Art, which is…

#52Snapshots (of Life)

Since I'm trying new things this year, I figured I'd participate in the 52 Snapshots of Life project at The Lazy Pit Bull. Every week has a different theme, and you post a photo of that week's theme. This week's theme is "new."

My photo for this week isn't a "new" photo, but since Mauser is "new" in our lives, I figured this is his chance to shine! The photo is his "adoption" photo--we'd just walked him outside of the NY AC&C Manhattan shelter.