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Kapotas Wallets, Not Just for Minimalists!

This post brought to you by Kapotas Designs. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Random Thoughts.I'm always looking for new wallets, probably because I overfill mine with cards I rarely use, and then complain when they fall apart in a few months. Seriously, how many times have I used my California Tortilla loyalty card? The closest location is 40 minutes away, and if you forget your card, they can look up your account by phone number. Most days, I only ever need my debit card, my driver's license, and my concealed carry permit, if all of those. On a good day, I have a few dollars in cash too.This is where Kapotas Designs and their leather, minimalist wallet enters the picture. Handmade, minimalist wallets that attach to the back of a cell phone, or really, any flat surface you'd like. They attach via micro-suction backs, and you can remove/reapply many times, without damage. Get a new phone? Peel it off and stick it to your new phone!Did I mention these ar…