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Ongoing Saga of Sinus Issues

I've posted before about my sinus issues, and after fighting a sinus infection for February and March, my primary care doctor suggested I see an ENT. I've seen several ENTs, and only one of them suggested surgery. The others said that surgery probably wouldn't help. They suggested allergy tests, I've had those, they don't show anything that would really minimize sinus infections if treated with shots. Off I went to the ENT this morning, anticipating being told that I needed to have a CT scan, being told to use Flonase or something similar, etc. Instead, I was told that the sinus pain may be from TMJ, or from septal spurs, or a combination of both. I have nasal spray to use when I have a sinus headache, to see if the spurs are the cause, and I'm to use a night guard and take muscle relaxants for a week to see if that helps. I'm intrigued, and am hoping this solves it. Now, I don't think it'll solve the sinus infections, but if it helps with the p…