Dream Dinners visit and assorted other things...

Like usual, I enjoyed my Dream Dinners visit on Saturday. The 9 AM session seems to be getting busier, so I think we may end up switching to the 10:30 AM session. Likewise, that gives us a bit of extra sleep, and extra time to grab breakfast.

After the session, I started cleaning the house, in preparation for the investigating committee. Yikes! We threw out 3 garbage bags worth of stuff, gave away a bunch of stuff, and found shoes I didn't know I still had!

I also vacuumed the furniture, the floors, etc. Oh, the dog fur! Cobaka sheds like crazy, and regardless of how often we dry mop, there's always more fur.

The investigating committee for Amaranth went well, and I believe I'll be riding to the initiation with two of the people from the committee. They insisted I allow Cobaka out of the bedroom, which I did. She, as predicted, figured that they were there to visit her, not me! She was in heaven with the attention!

Saturday, Mac will be at a gun show, while I'll be doing my first transport for a new transport team. They come recommended by another one, so we'll see how it goes.

I've had an ear infection since Friday, and last night, it turned into a sinus infection. I'm miserable, but stuck at work and have too much to do today and tonight to curl up in bed like I'd like. My ear is killing me! I did manage to sneak out to the doctor's, so I have antibiotics waiting for me at the pharmacy.

Dinner tonight is Cranberry Buttermilk Chicken from Dream Dinners!


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