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Trump and Political Events

Mac and I are both registered Republican, and for once, it looks like the Pennsylvania primary will matter. I'm still undecided about who will get my vote, because I'm not really happy with any of the candidates, Democrat or Republican.

Last night, Donald Trump held a rally about half an hour from our house.Mac wanted to attend, so I agreed, figuring I'd keep an open mind, and at least listen to the rhetoric. The rally started at 7. By the time Mac got home and we ate dinner, we didn't arrive near the Farm Show Complex until 6:30. By that time, people were parking along the side roads. Every possible parking lot was being used, and people were being charged $10 to park in these lots. There were hundreds of people making their way to the complex and thousands in line at the complex. I decided I wasn't up for dealing with that many people, so Mac parked in front of the complex, hopped out, and I went off to enjoy a cup of coffee while he waited in line.

The line to …

Updates and Other Things

I've been very busy with school, Eastern Star, the dogs, and cooking dinners for Mac's Blue Lodge. I just realized that I never posted an update after Mauser passed. Losing Mauser was so incredibly difficult. He passed at home, on Saturday, October 3. I still cry over him sometimes.

We swore we'd be a two dog house after Mauser, as Mauser was a last minute addition to save his life. Within two weeks, we'd both decided the house was too quiet, and decided that Mauser would send us a dog that he thought needed us, when he thought we were ready.

At the beginning of November, by chance, I saw a posting for Jackson, a 9-year-old German Shepherd mix, surrendered to Staten Island AC&C due to allergies. Mauser had been named Jackson at the Manhattan AC&C, but didn't answer to it, which is why we named him Mauser. A few begging messages, and this Jackson became ours too.

I picked him up in Matamoras, PA, while Mac was in Idaho, hunting. He didn't want to answer …