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A site I love--much like Google, but you earn "swagbucks" for searching, and can redeem for prizes.

discount sites

I frequent several "discount" boutique sites--you can often find great deals on some very nice items.

Links to all are:

Rue La La
Gilt Groupe/Jetsetter--this site includes travel boutiques under the "jetsetter" boutique
Beyond the Rack
Voyage Prive, another travel site
Row Nine

Travel delays

I'm sitting in DTW, waiting for my flight, and the flight was delayed for 2 hours, due to a medical emergency. They apparently had to land, but are back in the air, and they should be here in an hour. I'm sitting near the counter at the gate, and have watched most people on the flight walk up to the counter, read the TV that states that the flight is delayed, and then stand there, staring at it like if they concentrate, the plane to magically appear. Why do people feel it necessary to ask the gate agent, "Is the flight really delayed 2 hours?" The TV states that it is, the plane isn't sitting outside, it's obviously not here!

And, in other news, I still feel guilty for boarding the dogs and taking a vacation, but other than Cobaka not eating her breakfast, they're doing well. They seemed to enjoy doggy day camp.