SodaStream House Party!

I was selected to host a SodaStream House Party. The official title is, "SodaStream® Fizz & Football House Party." The basic principle is that I invite a bunch of friends, we all try the SodaStream concept, and SodaStream hopes that at least a few people buy it!

My Party Pack arrived yesterday, while Mac and I were at a Sam Adams Beer Dinner (more on that in another post), so our neighbor signed for it. When we arrived at home, I brought in the box, and then, while Mac was outside with the dogs, I ripped into it. I was so excited to see everything that it contained!

My Party Pack includes:
(1) SodaStream Source starter kit with 6 mini flavors
(1) SodaStream sample pack
(1) 1 liter bottle
(1) SodaStream T-shirt and whistle
(2) Full Size flavors
(50) SodaStream cups

For all partygoers:
(12) SodaStream foam fingers
(12) Sets of beads
(15) SodaStream $20.00 off rebate offers
(15) SodaStream product information inserts

Yes, you read that correctly... The Party Pack includes the actual Soda Source machine!!! Mac and I had discussed buying one, in part because I had a 20% off Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon, plus they had a rebate, but I never did justify spending the money. Now, we don't need to buy one!

The party is February 3rd, although I may have a hard time not ripping into the SodaStream Source machine before then!


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