long weekend

I'd originally planned on driving a transport on Saturday, from Harrisburg to Hamburg, but it was cancelled on Friday, due to one of the dogs being ill and not filling one leg for the other dog. So, I took Saturday as a day to rest and generally not do much. I'm still not feeling well, so I needed a day with no plans.

Mac called me on his way home from the gun show, and a friend was going to stop over after Mac got home, so I got myself cleaned up, only to have Mac come home, covered in puke, because after not eating from Friday night, and only drinking Diet Coke on Saturday, without eating, while on the way home, his stomach decided it was going to file a protest. File a protest it did! He had to stop on the way home, then again when he got home, before he came inside. Once he got inside and told me what happened, I ordered him to shower, leaving his clothes in the bathroom. While he was showering, I threw his clothes in the washing machine. Once he was done, I suggested he eat an English muffin with a bit of jelly, and try a small glass of ginger ale.

He kept that down, and then napped for almost two hours. I interrupted his nap long enough to determine that he would nibble on food if I ordered it, and if it meant that we could eat at home. So, I placed an order with our local pizza place, then when it was ready, we both went to pick up our order. We both ate dinner, then both headed to bed!

I did use his experience as a reason to finish the laundry on Sunday!

Thanks to the extra sleep, we both were awake by about 7:30 on Sunday. I had a meeting in Lebanon, at Inn 422, so Mac dropped me off, then headed to Cabela's. Once we got home, I finished the laundry, with the exception of the sheets/blankets.

I tackled those on Monday, since I took the day off of work. I always love sleeping on clean sheets, and I love it when blankets first come out of the dryer. They're so warm and cuddly!

Geno goes to the vet on Friday, as he seems to be drinking a lot of water, so we're I'm concerned.


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