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Remembering Milo

When Mac was in the Marine Corps, I became friends with Barb. We met through an online Marine Corps wives/girlfriends group. She and I became close friends, even though we were several states apart. She helped me weather a lot of challenges, and we stayed in contact, even though we both stopped frequenting the group.

Years ago, to help her son, she adopted a pup named Milo. She didn't know just how much Milo would help her son, and how much Milo would change their lives. Milo helped save her son's life one weekend, and from then on, they were extremely bonded.

What Barb didn't realize was that where they lived had BSL. One day, she opened the door to police officers who told her that based on how he looked, Milo needed to go. If she failed to get rid of him, they would. Instead of surrendering him, Barb moved to another township, where she could keep Milo. To her, Milo was family, and she wouldn't abandon him.

Since March, Milo had been having health problems, and unde…