Dream Dinners Review--Cranberry Buttermilk Chicken

I've been rather under the weather this week. I've had an ear infection and sinus infection, and just haven't felt like doing much of anything! I cooked one night this week, although I need to cook the antelope meat today, and probably use it for chili tomorrow.

I did manage to cook Monday night, in part because we weren't going to have enough time to go out to dinner, then come home for my White Shrine investigating committee meeting.

The Cranberry Buttermilk Chicken was very easy to prepare, as it involved cooking the chicken, then adding the sauce and allowing it to cook. Mac complained that there was too much pepper in the chicken, and I think that was completely my fault. :) I accidentally dumped extra in when preparing it at Dream Dinners, as when I pulled the measuring spoon out, it had some pepper on the handle, and I just tossed it all into the bag.

Mac helped me with dinner since I was feeling so lousy, so it was nice to have him in the kitchen with me.

Cranberry Buttermilk Chicken

We cleaned up from dinner, and then did a bit more cleaning up before the ladies from White Shrine arrived. Good news is that I've been elected to receive the degree there. I've not heard about Amaranth, but their meeting was last night.

This weekend I'm doing a rescue transport, and then I think next weekend, I'll be monitoring my first transport! That allows me to help without having to drive.


  1. I'm very amused to find your blog because we pick some of the same meals. I was planning on taking the cranberry buttermilk chicken out of the freezer for dinner on Monday, so I enjoyed reading your review. I was also looking at the freezer cookbooks on Amazon earlier today, so I'm looking forward to checking back to hear what you think of them!

  2. LOL, welcome! Glad to have a new reader! :) I'll be sure to add to the cookbooks when I try a meal from them. :)

  3. Funny - I just made it tonight and was searching the web for a similar recipe since it was so good. Your blog came up on my search!

  4. I think in one of the freezer cookbooks that I have, it lists a recipe for something like Cranberry Skillet Chicken. I'll see what I can find tonight. :)


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