Cash back for grocery purchases!

I'm big into trying to snag extra cash any possible way. After all, extra cash is always good, right? For quite a while now, I've been a member of Grodo. You join, register your credit/debit cards, and they automatically track your spending at certain grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations. If you spend more than your typical monthly spending at one of those, you get a percentage of that back. The only negatives are that their participating merchants are limited, and that you need a minimum of $100 before they'll send you a check. In my area, the participating merchants are Weis, Rite-Aid, and Sunoco. It does encourage me to spend more at Weis and less at Giant, but all within reason.

If you care to join, you can click here. Fair warning, if you use the link to join, I receive a percentage of what you spend as well, but that doesn't affect what you earn.

If you earn points, miles, or cash from your credit/debit cards that you already use, Grodo does not impact those either.


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