Dream Dinners Review--Fruit Stuffed Pork Roast

For New Year's, Mac and I decided to have the Fruit Stuffed Pork Roast from Dream Dinners. I didn't order it, but rather, a coworker who also does Dream Dinners (thanks to me), ordered it, then decided she wouldn't be able to use it, so we swapped. She's taking my Chicken Marsala.

The pork roast came with a glaze and a bag of pecans. Obviously, I didn't use the pecans, and the little plastic container with the glaze opened during one of the transports, so we opted not to use the glaze. It probably saved us a bit in regards to calories!

The directions for the pork roast were a bit confusing. They stated to insert a knife to make a slit, lengthwise, then turn the knife 90 degrees and make another slit, to form an X. Somehow, that just doesn't make sense to me. In part because it involved playing with sharp objects, Mac volunteered to tackle that. He made two cuts in the pork roast. I don't quite know how he made them, but it resulted in a nice open area, allowing us to stuff the fruit into the pork roast!

I then baked it according to the directions, with the exception of topping it with the glaze. Wow, was it yummy! The fruit and stuffing absorbed a lot of the juices, and added a very sweet flavor. The sweet flavor wasn't overpowering, but was amazing. It was a great New Year's Eve meal. The fruit included raisins and cranberries, and I think it may have included cherries as well.


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