Random Thoughts

Mac went back to the gun show today, and I drove down to Hagerstown to participate in a rescue transport. Another woman and I drove 7 dogs to Harrisburg, on their way to rescues, foster homes, and forever homes. I drove the 4 big dogs, Olivia, Alex, Astro, and Mustang. Olivia was the smallest, at about 25 pounds. Astro and Mustang were the largest, both at about 50 pounds. Alex was in between, at probably 40 pounds or so. All were very sweet, and all slept for most of the journey. On the drive, I was trying to remember how many dogs I've helped to move, and I think it's at 19 right now. It'll increase I'm sure, although I'm taking next weekend off from transports. My two pups need some Mommy time on the weekend.
Mac is asleep, as are the dogs. Cobaka is sprawled out on top of my body pillow and the blankets, while Geno is sprawled at the foot of the bed, with his front paws hanging off of the edge of the bed. They both look so sweet and cute, and content. I'm so thrilled that Geno especially has a good home now. After being abused, ending up at a shelter, and then spending two years there, I think he appreciates everything, from being allowed to sleep on the bed to being given treats. Cobaka, well, she thinks she's entitled to everything. She's dreaming right now. Her legs are twitching, and she's breathing excitedly. I'm assuming she's dreaming about chasing something, probably some other animal. She actually just kicked me with quite a bit of force! I'd move my leg, but that would disturb her.
I'm headed to bed shortly, although that requires Cobaka to wake up, so I can have my blankets and body pillow! She did just stir, at least briefly, but fell asleep again. *sigh* This may be a long night.


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