Dream Dinners Meal 2--Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches

Yesterday's dinner was Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwiches. Mac was in charge of cooking this dinner. He took a half day from work, since we were going to the Pirates vs. Orioles game last night. Since he was home early, he started the meal while I was on my way home.

We had a few issues with this meal, and because we were in a hurry, I failed to take photos of if.

Issue 1: The pulled pork took longer to heat than what the directions said, to the point that I became impatient, and simply turned the burner up quite a bit. :-)

Issue 2: Mac was not happy with the directions to toast the rolls, as they read, "Toast rolls under broiler, open side up, until golden brown," but failed to give a suggested amount of time. To correct this problem, I used a trick I learned as a child, from my mother. I scraped the burned areas off with a butter knife. :-)

Issue 3: The pulled pork wasn't anything different from the pre-cooked pulled pork that you can buy at grocery stores, like Lloyd's or similar brands.

We've decided that, in the future, should we want pulled pork again, I'll simply buy rolls, Lloyd's pulled pork (or another brand), and we'll have the same meal, but at a lower cost.

While not a bad meal, this is definitely one I wouldn't buy again.


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