My Second Dream Dinners Experience and Other Things

I returned to Dream Dinners last Saturday. This trip was just to prepare another 3 6-serving Mango Chutney Chicken dinners. I walked in a few minutes before 9 AM, and immediately found my paperwork, tagged a drawer and cooler slot with my name, stowed my purse, and got to work. I tossed on an apron, washed my hands, grabbed Ziploc bags, and jumped into preparing the sauce. I started preparing just 1 sauce bag at a time, but 2 ingredients into that, and I realized that I could simplify and just prepare all 3 at once. Obviously, I'd not consumed enough coffee yet! I was in and out of there by 9:15 AM.

I finally prepared the Chicken Teriyaki that I'd frozen a few months ago. I tossed it in the crock pot on Saturday, but proceeded to not eat it then. When Mac came home from the gun show, he wasn't really hungry, and we were in a hurry to get to the baseball game.

He tried it for lunch yesterday, and inquired, "What happened to the rice?" I didn't prepare it on Saturday and didn't bother preparing it at 4:30 AM on Monday. Apparently, it needs rice, as his comment today was, "If you don't cook the rice tonight, don't give that to me for lunch tomorrow." He had a retirement lunch today, hence why he didn't need lunch today.

I have no idea what we're doing for dinner tonight. I was exhausted yesterday, and headed into work early today, because I was on deadline with a submittal that had to be delivered by 1 PM today. I'm still exhausted, so any cooking will be light and easy today.


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