German food

Mac and I were a few towns over last night for an appointment. My grandfather and his parents and grandparents had stamp collections, and because we're starting a very relaxed search for a new house, we wanted to get those appraised, to see if there was anything of any value. We found a stamp collector/dealer a few towns over, who was willing to look at the collections.

I was very close to my grandfather, and we were two peas in a pod. I was feisty, and he relished it. I have very fond memories of spending time with him, from looking through the stamps to when he bought a scooter for my birthday, and decided he was going to save the assembly fee, and decided to assemble it himself. The stamps were the only thing he willed to anyone. They were willed to me, with a handwritten note in the box of them indicating that he wished that they go to me. We never knew if the stamps had any real value, but we decided that if they were of value, we'd consider selling them to use towards a new house.

I don't know that I was prepared to really make a decision about selling them, because they're one of the few connections left to my grandfather. It turns out that I'm not faced with that decision, as they aren't really worth much, so we're going to hang on to them.

On the way back from the appointment, we tried to stop at a sports bar to complete a mystery shop. We were supposed to sit at the bar, and it was more than packed. We waited for half an hour, and then since it was still packed, we opted to leave and reschedule it.

That changed our dinner plans though, as I'd not planned on cooking. In our journeys out towards this town, we'd always passed a restaurant called "The Hofbrauhaus," and always commented, "We should stop there sometime." However, we usually have plans, or pass by in the morning. We decided to stop last night.

Wow, was it good! The server was very attentive and nice, the food was extremely delicious, and the beer selection was good! When we arrived at the restaurant, another couple was in the parking lot, getting ready to enter. The husband asked us if we'd eaten there before, and if it was good. They were from Kansas, and were driving from Kansas to Baltimore for a convention and back, and were using the convention as a reason to take a vacation. The wife had the restaurant on her map as a place to stop.

I think they were very pleased, and we were thrilled as well. We have plans to return, and Mac took my leftovers for lunch today (as if that was a surprise).


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