One of those nights...

Of course, I can't seem to relax tonight. I have to head into work early tomorrow morning, because I have a ton of stuff due this week, including a placemat that requires using InDesign to edit. That's a bit of a challenge since I've not used it much, but I'll knock it out first thing tomorrow morning. Mac is asleep, as are the dogs, and of course, I can't relax enough to sleep! Geno just sighed and stretched out a bit more. He's now touching my foot. So cute! I'm watching Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa. I've not seen it before, and it's over in 10 minutes. Seems cute enough, even if I didn't see the beginning of it.
Since the movie is now over, I'm watching the Cincy-Detroit game. I'm hoping Detroit can rally back. Although, since Cincy just hit  a home run, I'm guessing that won't happen. I'm thinking I may finally be close to heading to bed, so perhaps I won't see the end of the game. I can hope anyway!


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