Eat Now, Eat Later, Meal 2

Mac and I were out until almost midnight on Friday, doing a dog transport. It ran over 2 hours late, closer to 2 hours 30 minutes late. We drove to Bel Air, MD, near where we were supposed to pick up the senior pups we were transporting, and stopped for dinner. We wanted something different, not the same old restaurants we have here. As such, we found Famous Dave's BBQ, which was very good. When we did finally get home, we decompressed for a bit before bed, and we both were up around 6:30 to head to our activities. Mac headed to the gun show, I headed to Dream Dinners. I came home about an hour before he did, which was just enough time to stow everything in the freezer, and then get last night's dinner in the oven.
I opted to try the Brushetta Chicken Bake last night, in part because I didn't want to store the box of stuffing mix much longer! Tiffany had tried her Brushetta Chicken Bake earlier in the week, and shared a few words of advice, including not to add as much water as the recipe indicated, and to expect to need to cook it longer, due to how thick the chicken was. I followed her advice, and yes, had to cook it for over an hour.
Mac and I both enjoyed it, although he suggested baking it with orzo or another pasta. Since I kept the Ziploc bag in the fridge, the juice from the diced tomatoes and the garlic had a chance to marinate into the chicken, giving it extra flavor. The stuffing was your standard boxed stuffing mix, so nothing special there. I added extra cheese to the recipe, so rather than topping it with a small amount of cheese, ours was covered in cheese. Then again, who doesn't love cheese?
Even Cobaka had a taste of dinner, since before I could get the leftovers packaged up, she managed to stand, so her front paws were on the top of the stove, and knock the spoon out of the pan. I heard the noise, walked into the kitchen to find the spoon on the floor, and her looking like, "Now, how to get the pan to the floor?" She doesn't like tomatoes though, as she opted not to eat those from the spoon, but eagerly downed the cheese!


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