It's only Monday, and plans have already changed...

It's only Monday, but plans have already changed, at least slightly. I think tomorrow, we're going to meet up with friends from FlyerTalk, for a mini-DO. While it's still in the planning stages, I don't know if I'll cook, or if we'll end up eating over drinks. I'm really excited to try the Mango Chutney Chicken, so I may cook that before the mini-DO, so we'll at least have lunch for the week. I should clarify that and say that at least I'll have lunch for the week. Mac has sandwiches and my leftovers from Saturday's lunch for lunch for Tuesday and Wednesday. Since he's leaving early on Thursday, he'll eat lunch once he's home.
Wednesday, we're going to go to dinner with Tiffany and her boyfriend. While Mac was in Saudi Arabia, they took care of the yard for me, and helped me move our new living room furniture, so at a minimum, we owe them dinner.
I think I'll move the Chicken Yakitori to dinner on Sunday. Hmm, decisions, decisions.


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