busy week

This week has been very busy, and I've not cooked at all! Well, I take that back. I have cooked, just not for us. Monday night, we had a baseball game. Tuesday, we had a mystery shop and checked out a house we wanted to see. Yesterday, I cooked lunch for my Toastmasters meeting today. That meant that dinner last night was pizza. Tonight, I'm cooking the Chicken Yakitori that has been in the fridge, thawed, since last week.

I offered to cook lunch for Toastmasters. It's my last Toastmasters meeting, as I'm resigning as of June 30. We're having a celebration of the club's achievements throughout the last year, so we're having cake for dessert. Lunch is: meat lasagna, veggie lasagna, and chicken and spinach lasagna. I prepared all of them in crock pots last night, and a friend who is also in Toastmasters, was going to bring them to the meeting today, after cooking them this morning. Oh, we also have Caesar salad as well.

Mac and I were supposed to have chocolate taste tests tomorrow afternoon, since I'm now working 4-9 hour days, and then a 4 hour day on Fridays. However, Mac will have to work overtime tomorrow. The reason being the non-food related good news that I've been trying not to spill until it was official...

Mac received a promotion at work!!! He's now doing planning and estimating, and purchasing. He seems to enjoy it, having just started this week. He'll be working in the office, rather than on the floor, which means he'll be in the a/c, and won't come home in dirty clothes. He'll still travel a bit, but not as often as with his old job. Oddly enough, when his father moved into the office in the mill, he started doing purchasing too.

I just booked my hotel room for the Success Summit. After sharing a room each year, I decided that this year, I wanted to stay by myself. In checking rooms online, the best I could do was $199/night. Using the Dress for Success code, I was able to drop that to $125/night. I originally intended to stay at the Crowne Plaza, where most of the ladies are staying, but they don't have rooms, so I'm at the Kimpton. I won't complain, because it's a Kimpton and they usually go above and beyond and spoil their guests!

Perhaps it's time for a trip or two, since they're in the process of doing a status match for me, via my Platinum status with InterContinental/Priority Club. I'm interested to experience the Inner Circle membership benefits! For the status match, I simply have to send them a copy of my Priority Club Platinum card, and then they'll verify it and give me Inner Circle status.


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