food for next week

Mac will be home all next week, relaxing and doing a few minor home repair projects. He'll be replacing the woodwork around a few doors and taking care of the lawn. That means that dinner next week, if it just needs to be baked, can be ready when I get home from work, or shortly after that.

Dinner on Monday will be hot dogs at the baseball game, since it's dollar dog night. Tuesday, I think I'm going to suggest that we try Summertime Pasta with Chicken. I think Wednesday, we'll do the Outlaw Chicken Sliders, and Thursday, I'll cook the Mexican Beef w/Corn Dumplings. The pasta can just be baked in the oven, so it's very simple.

The Outlaw Chicken Sliders are pretty easy as well, but the Mexican Beef is a bit more challenging, because it involves cooking the dumplings. I'll try to post photos of the meals. For the pasta, I'll try to post photos of it both in the pan and on a plate.

For the Dream Dinners that require only baking in a pan, when you prepare them, you place them in disposable foil pans, which is nice. That minimizes the number of dishes you have, and I'm all in favor of less dishes! :)

That reminds me, I'll need to stop by the grocery store on Monday to pick up side dishes as far as veggies for the week. I'm not too concerned about sides for Tuesday, since it includes lots of veggies, although a salad might be nice.


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