Day before Dream Dinners

Yesterday, I received a nice call from one of the employees at the Dream Dinners location, confirming our visit, and asking if we had any questions. I've done my best to make space in my freezer, although after my wild dash through this morning, trying to find the elk meat, I need to rearrange it. I also have my coworker's phone number, so if I still don't have enough room, she'll meet me to pick up additional elk meat. I really do see that a chest freezer is a necessity if I keep doing this.
I've reviewed the July menu, and Mac has voiced his opinion on it as well. As such, I have our selections ready to order at tomorrow's session. I've decided that I'll give this at least two months to see how we enjoy it. I've also figured that if I don't care for a recipe, I'll still have time to tweak it during the month and try a different version of it.
Since I'm at a conference for a weekend in July, I may order one or two meals that I won't eat, figuring that he can enjoy those while I'm out of town.


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