First taste of pre-prepared "homemade" meals

I tried a "once-a-week" cooking session earlier this week. It's called "Eat Now, Eat Later." I'd snagged a Groupon for a 3 meal session, and opted to buy an extra 2 meals. A friend attended with me, and because I told a friend about it, we each received a coupon for 1 free meal when we buy 2 for our next session.
The 5 meals I prepared were:
  1. Texas Style Casserole
  2. Brushetta Chicken Bake
  3. Pasta Kielbasa Peppers and Onions
  4. Mexican Beef w/Corn Dumplings
  5. Rigatoni w/Sausage and Kale
I opted to keep 2 of the meals in the fridge and the others are now frozen. We went to a baseball game last night, so a speedy dinner was important, since the game started at 6:30.
Mac wasn't thrilled with the first meal, but we both agreed that with some tweaks, it had potential. It was "Texas Style Casserole," and included hash browns, egg, turkey sausage, corn, and cheese. I'll try it again, but this time will use shredded hash browns, rather than crumbled hash brown patties, will add diced onions and peppers, extra meat and cheese, and sour cream.
I thought that all items would be diced, sliced, chopped, or cut, if necessary. Instead, while all meat and pasta that was to be cooked in advance was, any other items had to be cut at that time. Still, I was able to prepare 5 meals in about an hour, so I can't complain. Items 3-5 are in the freezer, while the chicken is in the fridge for dinner on Saturday.
Up next, Dream Dinners, a nationwide company that does all of the prep work, minus assembly.


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