Summertime Pasta with Chicken

I prepared the Summertime Chicken with Pasta last night. It was extremely easy to prepare, and I doctored it a bit to suit my tastes. When it was almost ready, I tossed some mozzarella cheese and allowed that to bake on top of the pasta. I also prepared garlic bread, and added a bit of cheese to that as well. Yes, we like cheese in our household.

I started to bake the pasta when Mac called to say that he was almost to his Turnpike exit after his Abandoned PA Turnpike hike. I knew he'd want to shower, eat dinner, and then relax, so my goal was to have dinner ready by the time he was out of the shower.

The sauce for the pasta was a light, olive oil and garlic type sauce. It all ended up at the bottom of the pan, and was rather difficult to scoop out onto the pasta until you cleared out a portion of the pan. It seemed like all of the peas ended up at the bottom of the pan as well. As you can see, there are very few veggies on the top of the pasta in the pan. The green that you can see is broccoli.

Summertime Pasta with Chicken in the Pan

It was very flavorful, but was also fairly light but filling. This makes a very easy, filling meal when paired with garlic bread. Had I been more prepared, I'd have also served it with a salad, but of course, I wasn't that prepared!

Summertime Pasta with Chicken in the Bowl to Serve

I did enjoy that the chicken was prec-cut, in strips or chunks, as it didn't require slicing the chicken to eat it. The chicken stayed tender and moist throughout baking, and in the photo above the chicken appears as the bright white colored objects.


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