One of those days...

Last night, as we were leaving the baseball game, my car sounded horrible, like it had a bad bearing. We drove it home, and I did a bit of research this morning. It sounds like I have a bad bearing in the a/c compressor. To avoid potential problems like overheating and such, they'll probably need to replace the a/c compressor.

The car is in the shop, and I'm waiting to hear from them as to if it is the a/c compressor, or if they were able to find something else. Grumble, grumble, grr...

The only good news is that if they can't fix it today, we have a few days leeway, since Mac is on vacation this week.

I'm now at work, without a vehicle, and he's at home, with his car. If necessary, he'll pick me up tonight, and then we'll run an errand or two, and then head to the baseball game, postponing our Outlaw Chicken Sliders as dinner.


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