Dream Dinners Review--Pork Burritos

I prepared the Dream Dinners Pork Burritos last night, and wow, were they easy to prepare and rather yummy. When you prepare them at the store, you place them into a foil pan. To cook them, you simply remove the lid from the pan and bake in a pre-heated oven. After allowing them cook for 25-30 minutes, you're then supposed to cover them with the enchilada sauce provided and bake for another 10 minutes. I opted to use salsa verde instead, and also covered them with a dusting of cheese.

I served the Pork Burritos with Spanish rice, refried beans, and Southwest salad. The meal was extremely yummy! The burritos had a nice flavor, with a touch of BBQ sauce, and the corn added a hint of sweet. While they contained black beans and rice also, I supplemented our meal with refried beans and rice, in addition to the salad, in part so we'd have extra leftovers.

The clean-up was extremely easy. Once we packaged up the leftovers, the foil pan was tossed in the garbage, and Mac washed the dishes.

We talked for a while last night, about work, dinners, and just life in general. We both agree that while Dream Dinners may cost a bit more, it provides more variety in our meals, saves time in cooking and in cleaning up, and is worth it. We both agree that you either pay in cash or in aggravation. In this case, my time is worth more than what I spend at Dream Dinners each month.

We also planned the menu for the next few weeks. This allows me to know what to buy at the grocery store on weekends, and also allows us to clean out the freezer for the August selection of meals.


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