Dream Dinners-Kentucky Pork Chops Review

Dinner last night was Kentucky Pork Chops from Dream Dinners, served with green beans and Omaha Steaks' Twice Baked Potatoes.

Lesson 1: Don't overheat olive oil.

Lesson 2: If you do overheat olive oil, don't drop cold items into the olive oil without using a spatula or otherwise protecting your hands.

I now have a really nice burn on my arm from the hot olive oil splattering my arm when I placed a cold pork chop into the oil. I'm dealing with it. It's not fun, but...

The Kentucky Pork Chops were, once again, very easy to prepare, assuming you don't burn yourself. First, you dip the pork chops in the rub, and then place them into the frying pan. Once they're cooked (flip them to cook both sides), you top each side with a bit of the sauce, and then cook each side another minute. You then remove them from the pan, toss the sauce into the pan, cook it until it thickens. You then top the pork chops with the sauce. I complicated things by burning myself.

Mac stepped up to the plate though, and easily finished cooking dinner, as I was in a bit of pain, and trying to keep my arm under cool water. Dinner was very enjoyable. Mac rated it about a 7 out of 10. When asked if I should order extra before the end of the month, he said no, but that I should get them again when they return to the menu.

Kentucky Pork Chops w/Green Beans and Twice Baked Potato

I am ordering additional Pork Burritos, which I'll pick up on August 2nd. They're preparing them for me, complete with extra green chiles, since I'll be too busy the next two weeks to get there myself.


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