Steak Salsa Verde--Dream Dinners

I spent yesterday afternoon transporting two dogs on their journey to new homes. Both were very sweet, but a bit timid. As such, when I got home, I didn't want to put much effort into dinner, and didn't want to go to the baseball game.

Mac and I went to the grocery store to pick up fruits and veggies for a few days, and once we got back, I cooked the Steak Salsa Verde from Dream Dinners. The Steak Salsa Verde was an impulse buy when I was there preparing my extra servings of Mango Chutney Chicken. It sounded good, in part because Mac loves green chile. It was one of their Chef Touched entrees, where it's already prepared, minus the cooking, and you just grab it from their freezer.

I used our George Foreman Grill, and cooking was an adventure. Apparently, other than the fridge and the stove, we have 2 circuits in our kitchen. The microwave is on one, and the toaster and toaster oven are on the other. I plugged in the grill on the same circuit as the microwave, and then, while the steaks were cooking, tried to heat up a package of veggies in the microwave. I think I made 3 trips to the basement to flip the breaker. Even just having the grill plugged in was enough to cause it to trip with the microwave running.

Again, perhaps I needed to take that as a message on how dinner was going to taste. The steaks were lousy. There was very little flavor to the salsa verde. Had I realized there would be so little flavor, I'd have simply marinated them with one of the many marinades I have, and wouldn't have bothered purchasing this entree.

The veggies and the salad were good, but the steaks were just lousy. Cobaka and Geno were happy though, as they each ate a steak. I didn't top 2 of the steaks, as they were cooking while we were eating. When Mac expressed his opinion that he didn't want the others for lunch, I didn't bother topping them. Instead, I cut up the steaks and gave one to each dog. Not exactly a cheap dinner for them, but they were thrilled!

I did manage to finish all of the dishes last night as well. I just purchased new food storage containers, and the sink was filled with those. We'd wash a few as we could fit them into the drying rack as we were doing dishes. I also organized the containers, pulled out the ones I'm no longer using, and packaged up the ones that I'm giving away to others.


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