Dream Dinners Review--Mesa Grilled Pork Roast

On Thursday, Mac and I prepared dinner. He started it, I finished it. I worked late, as I had deadlines for things and wanted to be sure everything was finished, since I was on the road Friday, on the way to the Dress for Success Success Summit.

Mac took care of placing the Mesa Grilled Pork Roast into the oven, and when I did finally get home, there were only about 20 minutes left. I started on the side dishes (roasted red skin potatoes with green beans, in a cream sauce, and brussels sprouts).

The pork roast was incredibly tender and flavorful. The marinade was very yummy, with a nice salsa verde flavor. I have an email in asking if I can order 2 of those as well, and pick them up on Thursday.

Mesa Grilled Pork Roast


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