Dream Dinners Review - Chicken Carbonara

On Sunday, I cooked the Dream Dinners Chicken Carbonara. Since I didn't thaw it in advance, I followed the "When frozen" cooking instructions. It was easy enough to toss it into the oven, and while I'm glad I placed it on top of a cookie sheet, I no longer have that cookie sheet. Apparently something leaked onto the bottom of the pan before it made it home. That residue baked itself onto the cookie sheet, and it was so difficult to remove that we trashed the cookie sheet. Not a huge loss, because it was an old cookie sheet. In the future, I guess I'll line the cookie sheets with foil, just in case.

I didn't top the Chicken Carbonara with additional cheese, although I did think about it. I think additional cheese probably would've helped a bit, as it wasn't very cheesy, and I like cheese. It did seem to be a bit cooler than most of the other oven-baked meals, but I'm guessing part of that is having cooked it while frozen, rather than allowing it to thaw first.

The meal would've been better had it included peas and more bacon. Additional bacon can be added at Dream Dinners. While peas were not an ingredient for the Dream Dinners recipe, I can add those before baking.

Mac rated this a 7 out of 10 as well, and recommended not ordering extra, but making it the next time it appears on the menu.

Chicken Carbonara

In other news, because the burn from last week looks really ugly, itches, my arm is red, and hurts, I'm off to the doctor this afternoon to be sure that it's not infected or on its way there.


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