Cheese Ravioli Eat Now, Eat Later

We tried the Cheese Ravioli from Eat Now, Eat Later last night. Well, Mac tried it. My tummy wasn't happy with me, so I didn't even eat anything. As Mac said, it was barely edible. The sauce congealed a bit too much, so there was no liquid. The sausage tasted like sand, and, while Mac ate ravioli and saved the ravioli, figuring we'll add more sauce, we fed the rest of the sausage to the dogs. The dogs didn't seem to mind its flavor, so I can't complain.

Tonight's dinner was a new take on the Texas-style casserole. I used shredded hash browns, added corn, green peppers, onions, egg, and ground chorizo. The chorizo and green peppers definitely helped, but the next attempt will include jalapeno peppers and/or crushed red pepper.

I've still not changed my mind that Eat Now, Eat Later just isn't worth it.


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