Mexican Beef with Dumplings/Eat Now, Eat Later

Last night's dinner was the third Eat Now, Eat Later meal. The quick summary was, according to Mac, lousy. Edible because we added cheese and sour cream, but otherwise, lousy. I ate about 4 bites and then decided that dinner would be a few crackers instead.

I probably knew deep down not to get my hopes up after two things happened yesterday. The first was that yesterday morning, when I stumbled into the kitchen to start the coffee, I noticed a pile of liquid by the corner of the fridge.

Cobaka has had a few bladder infections, and when she has one, she'll sometimes potty near there, since she can't hold it then. She's also been known to go there when she's jealous that Geno has the prime real estate on the bed. Since he'd had the prime real estate on the bed that morning, I assumed she'd expressed her displeasure. I cleaned it up, and wasn't very happy. I then opened the fridge and found that there was pink liquid throughout one side of the fridge. The Ziploc bag with the Mexican Beef had started to leak. Turns out, Cobaka wasn't to blame for that morning's liquid on the floor!

The second issue was that when I came home yesterday, I was exhausted, and really did not feel like cooking. Mac prodded me into cooking, while he started our latest home improvement project, which involves replacing the front steps. So, as he was starting that project, I started cooking.

I added water to the ingredients that were in the Ziploc bag, as the directions said that I was to bring it to a boil, and there was very little liquid left in the bag.

The dumplings turned out horribly, and while they were supposed to be corn dumplings, they didn't taste anything like that. I think the Mexican Beef, served as stew, with cornbread would have tasted much better, and I'd not have added as much liquid.

While Eat Now, Eat Later was a learning experience, I don't think I'd return for another session there. The foods all need tweaking to my tastes, and due to the room set-up and type of program, it doesn't really allow for tweaking easily, unless I tweak them once I get home.


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