SodaStream House Party and More!

I had to take Geno to the vet last week. He's been drinking a lot of water, and I was concerned. He has a UTI, plus crystals, so he's on two different medications--an antibiotic and something to reduce the pH in his urine, with hopes of eliminating the crystals. Geno tends to be difficult when trying to give him meds, so Wednesday night was interesting. I basically pried open his jaws, shoved the meds down his throat, and then held his mouth shut until he swallowed. He did try to cheek the one, but eventually took it.

Thursday morning was very similar, and Thursday night was a bit easier, as Mac covered them in peanut butter, and he took it a bit warily, but without the typical struggle I have with him. On Friday, Mac tried something new. Since we had leftover mashed potatoes from dinner on Thursday, Mac rolled the pills in mashed potatoes. Geno loved it! He swallowed both without any hesitation! This is how we've been giving him his meds ever since!

Friday was a bad day for meals for me. At lunchtime, we went to Chili's. My steak was overcooked, my broccoli was hot outside, frozen inside, and my mashed potatoes contained hair. Not a happy camper, and I had hoped dinner would be better. We tried to go to Friday's for dinner, during happy hour. We sat at the bar, and ordered drinks. We received our drinks almost immediately, and the bartender gave us menus. She then ignored us for over 30 minutes, until after we'd finished our drinks. Only then did she ask us if we wanted to order food. I was exhausted and grumpy anyway, and made the comment of, "Fifteen minutes ago, I wanted to order food. Now, I just want my check." The bartender apologized for the delay and tried to say that she was really busy... She'd been talking to other guests, washing dishes, and walked past us many times. She tried to offer us food at no charge, and we refused, in part because it was like she'd ignored us. While walking past us many times, she never stopped to ask if we wanted to order, or even to say, "If you want to order, I'll be back in a minute to grab your order," or something similar.

The server at the diner was wonderful, especially in comparison. Mac wanted to order Chipped Beef on Toast, but the menu listed it as only available during breakfast hours. He ordered it, but as he was ordering, caught that. She offered to check to see if they could prepare it, and returned to say they could. She was attentive, provided refills in a timely manner, checked back with us, and was very pleasant and willing to do what she could to make it an enjoyable meal. Talk about a difference in attitude and attention!

Saturday, I monitored another transport, while Mac visited three of the businesses that were boycotting the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show, before it was "postponed." Saturday night, we ventured out in the snow to go grocery shopping, around 10 PM. I didn't want to head out too early, figuring that there would be lots of people, but also didn't want to wait until really early on Sunday!

On Sunday, Mac went shooting after breakfast, while I prepared a Tastefully Simple Lemonade Fruit Dip and a Taco Dip for the House Party. Once Mac got home from shooting, we headed to Tiff's to set up for the party.

It was so much fun! There was plenty of food, plus plenty of soda, and plenty of laughs! The SodaStream machine is really easy to use, and the flavors were pretty good. They were very similar to your standard Coke/Pepsi products.

We did learn that you want to add the flavoring very slowly, as adding it too quickly will cause it to foam over and resemble a volcano! I need to find a spot for the SodaStream. I think one of the attendees is probably going to buy one. Target has one of the models for $80, plus you receive a $10 Target gift card, plus we had $20 rebates at the party, so her out of pocket total would be under $55 after tax, if you factor in the gift card.

We cleaned up shortly before the Super Bowl started, and Mac and I headed home to watch the Puppy Bowl. We did not watch the Super Bowl, as we were both like Grumpy Cat--We wanted both teams to lose! After we watched the Puppy Bowl, we watched Goldfinger and You Only Live Twice, although I fell asleep during You Only Live Twice.


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