Guest Blog--Elkalope Stew (Beef Barley Stew)

This entry is written by +Amber Gontz, guest blogger. She made the Beef Barley Stew from Fix, Freeze, Feast, and since I used elk meat, is calling it Elkalope Stew.
I put the block of meat in first, then the frozen veggies on top of that, and poured the water in over the veggies so the block would break up a bit. I sprinkled the barley across the top and it looked cool floating on the water like that. I made the soup in my monster crock pot, used the low setting, programmed for 10 hours, after which it goes automatically to “keep warm” and it was on that setting maybe an hour max.

The meat was tender. The vegetables were not mush to my great surprise. The flavors seemed to be all cooked through everything, which was tasty. I added a small amount of ground sea salt to mine because I like a lot of salt. It was good as is, just not salty. It was a good consistency for stew, thicker than soup but not solid. I think it would have paired perfectly with homemade cast iron cornbread. It had good texture and was really hearty. Great cold weather stew in my opinion. I think if we make it again, we should use both elk & antelope so the name I gave it makes sense to more than me.

It smelled really good according to Rufus.

It made about 7 servings give or take, it was probably more like 8 servings but I gave Rufus the bigger bowl for dinner. I put 2 in the fridge for tonight/tomorrow and the rest in containers in the freezer. I figure probably over the weekend we’ll toss the stew cubes in a sauce pan for me to eat depending on what my appetite does post-surgery.


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