Dream Dinners Bring a Friend Experience

I'd been talking about Dream Dinners with a friend from Eastern Star for quite a while, and she decided to join me in February. She wasn't able to attend the session at the beginning of the month, so we scheduled a session for the last Saturday of the month. I prepared 4 meals, extras of things that we like, or thought we'd like.

Sonja and I arrived shortly before our 10:30 session, which gave me time to explain to her what to do--find your packet, label a drawer and a freezer spot, grab an apron, etc. I know that routinely, one of the employees will introduce themselves and help the new person with their first meal, but I took care of that. We tackled the Crispy French Onion Chicken first, as I figured that was probably the easiest meal to prepare. Sonja then moved to the Cheese Lovers Manicotti, while I worked on the Cattleman's Pie.

She really seemed to enjoy her visit, and she placed an order for next month as well! Tiff and I had to change our March session, and Sonja can't attend when we are, so I'm returning with her later in the month. At a minimum, I'll prepare a few of the Southwest Pulled Pork with Confetti Cornbread meals, as I know we loved that one. We may end up with a few others as well, assuming we can make room in the freezer!


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