Dream Dinners February Experience

Our February Dream Dinners session was this past Saturday. Our order included 78 servings, as I'd decided that I had to try the Layered Ravioli Bake, even though I had another 36 servings, and Tiff had 36 servings. What I didn't know when I placed the order was that it was good I planned to do that.

Our order included:
  • Crispy French Onion Chicken (2 6-servings)
  • Layered Ravioli Bake (1 6-serving, 1 3-serving)
  • Buffalo Ranch Chicken (1 6-serving, 1 3-serving)
  • Cattleman's Pie (1 6-serving, 1 3-serving)
  • Terracotta Chicken with Pita & Hummus (1 6-serving)
  • Cola & Lime Tender Pork Roast (2 6-servings)
  • Arroz Con Pollo (1 6-serving)
  • Tuscan Steaks (1 3-serving)
  • Creamy Chicken Risotto (1 3-serving)
  • Cheese Lover's Manicotti (1 3-serving)
  • Spitfire Beef Roast with Mashed Potatoes (1 6 serving)
Mac drove us to Dream Dinners, because he wanted to go to Cabela's, as they were sponsoring an NRA weekend--join or renew your NRA membership for $35, and receive a $25 Cabela's gift card. They opened at 9 AM, and he figured that with everything in the news, they'd probably run out of Cabela's gift cards early in the day.   Since we arrived at Dream Dinners around 8:40, Tiff and I had a head start on preparing our meals. I started with the layered Ravioli Bake, and then moved to the Arroz Con Pollo, while Tiff started on the Tuscan Steaks and moved to the Cheese Lover's Manicotti.   Our Cola & Lime Tender Pork Roast and Tiff's Spitfire Beef Roast with Mashed Potatoes were Fast Lane Meals, so we didn't have to prepare that much. While I was working on preparing both Crispy French Onion meals, one for Tiff, one for me, she worked on the Terracotta Chicken with Pita and Hummus.   The more popular meals seemed to always have a line of guests, waiting to prepare them, and the part of me that allows me to relate to engineers with ease is wondering if perhaps, for those meals, there can be multiple set-ups, at the same station, to minimize lines. Either that, or some sort of process or flow to minimize wait times. LOL, yes, I know, I'm overthinking things.   A friend from Eastern Star is going to try the introductory offer later this month, and I'm going to attend with her. I'm going to prepare another set of: Crispy French Onion Chicken, Cattleman's Pie (assuming we like it), Terracotta Chicken with Pita and Hummus, Arroz Con Pollo (assuming we like it) and Layered Ravioli Bake (assuming we like it).   After Dream Dinners, Tiff, Amber, and I headed to Panera Bread to discuss Amber's Community Action Project. We piled the coolers in Amber's SUV, and Amber drove us there, since Mac was still at Cabela's, as was to be expected. Shortly after we arrived, Mac sent me a text message to let me know he was on his way back, and I told him where to meet us.   Amber's project is well underway, and I think we probably have things in good shape. She mentioned about wanting to purchase outside toys for the project, and mentioned Frisbees. I suggested that we talk to one of the Dress for Success partners, a credit union, as they might have some they could donate. Sure enough, they do, and they are donating them. They also suggested that we might try to coordinate delivery of the supplies and be able to have their mascot there for the kids!   When Mac reached Panera Bread, we wrapped up, and moved coolers to our SUV. From there, we headed to two area gun shops, where Mac purchased more powder and primers, so for the day, he purchased 7 pounds of powder. He's now starting to reload 9 mm Makarov, so it's not like the powder is a stockpile, but rather, a needed supply.


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