Dream Dinners Review--Meatloaf Milano with Mashed Potatoes

Dinner on Thursday  night was Dream Dinners Meatloaf Milano with Mashed Potatoes. Mac got home around lunchtime on Thursday, and we were both exhausted. I had my PWG conference call at 4, so as soon as that was over, I vegged for a bit. About 6 PM, I started dinner. We debated going out to eat, but decided that it would be quicker to cook the meatloaf.

One of the vacuum-sealed bags of meat leaked, so the directions were soaked, and the juices were on the outside of the other bags. I combined everything and prepared the meatloaf, placing the Gorgonzola in the middle of the meatloaf.

I baked it, as directed, and while that was cooking, decided to whip up a batch of cupcakes for dessert. I made snowman cupcakes--vanilla cupcakes, vanilla icing, topped with a marshmallow decorated to look like a snowman face. That is held onto the cupcake by a toothpick.

The only problem with making cupcakes was that I can't find my muffin pans, and had returned Tiff's to her on Monday. Oops! So, I placed the paper cups inside my silicone baking cups, and baked it like that. It worked, although it was not the best solution. Preparing the cupcakes while I was cooking dinner really gave me visions of Stepford Wife-dom, in that we not only had dinner, but also homemade dessert! I don't know whether to say, "Eek! What am I becoming?" or to say, "Wow, I can actually, at least occasionally, have it all!"

The meatloaf took about 80 minutes to bake. Some of the cheese leaked out of the meatloaf, but we dealt with it. The meatloaf and sauce was very salty. I think part of it was that the Gorgonzola is generally pretty salty, so adding that with salt in the meatloaf and sauce was probably not the best idea. I'd consider ordering this again, but would scale back on the salt and would probably consider:
  1. Saving the mashed potatoes for another entree
  2. Rolling the meatloaf mixture into meatballs
  3. Serving over pasta once baked.
The cupcakes were cute and yummy! I did have a minor issue on Sunday though... Yes, a batch of cupcakes made it to Sunday here! We'd been storing them in the oven so the dogs wouldn't steal them, and on Sunday, I preheated the oven for cinnamon rolls, forgetting that the 3 remaining cupcakes were still in the oven! The snowman heads looked like they'd been roasted over a campfire, and the icing melted.


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