Dream Dinners Review--Cola & Lime Tender Pork Roast

Since we've had a fair amount of chicken lately, I opted for the Cola and Lime Tender Pork Roast for dinner last night. I served it with mixed vegetables, including corn, carrots, and asparagus, and also garlic mashed potatoes. The pork roast bakes in the oven while you heat up the glaze, then you are supposed to baste it a few times with the glaze, and then serve it with it, or top it with the glaze. My solution, because I've never been a fan of basting things, was to simply heat up the glaze, allow it to thicken a bit, and then toss it all on the pork roast.

Not perfect, but really all the more I cared to do last night, and it worked! The pork roast had a nicely browned top layer, and it was flavored with the glaze. The flavor was not quite what was expected. Mac's question was, "Is this the Maple Valley Pork Roast"? We could definitely taste the cola, but not the lime flavor. As this was a Fast Lane meal, I have no idea how much lime they used.

We decided that the next time it's on the menu, I'll consider ordering it, depending on the rest of the options, but will probably add extra lime juice to the sauce.


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